Hello blogosphere!

16 Jun

Welcome to our blog – the first project we develop together! This semester we attend a course called “Did Angie learn from Obama? Comparative Analysis of German and American Elections” which inspired us to create this blog.

We want to talk about German and American politicians in the media. In our blog posts, we are going to compare German and American politicians and  contrast how they present themselves and how they are presented by the media.

Our first impression of American media was that they tend to reveal private information about American politicians – which does not mean that they hide their private lifes. It seems that dropping pants – to open up to the public – guarentees popularity. This is why we called our blog “Drop pants for popularity?”.

So now it’s up to you: We want to test your knowledge about the American president and the German chancellor. A little hint, it’s a question about their private lifes.


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