Smiling faces in Germany?

22 Jun

Today, I was really surprised when I started the research for our first blog entry. I want to answer the question: How does Angela Merkel present herself in the media – especially focussing on the internet?

Before I looked for information in the internet, I thought Angela Merkel would not be that present because I have never heard of her having a website. But when I tiped in her name at google I found quiet astonishing results! She has actually a website, is on facebook, youtube, a German social network and she is present on a special blog of her party, the CDU. This blog was originally intenting to support Angela Merkel and her party during the elections of 2009 – look here. But the people behind the website want to keep on supporting Angela Merkel after the elections. And in addition to that, the government also provides a website where everyone can read information about her.

On her facebook-profile, the users are leveling criticism at Angela Merkel:

Sie sind ein versager in der Politik

It seems that she is not that popular and that her profile is not only visited by fans.

For the elections on 27th september 2009, Angela Merkel wanted to convince voters to vote for her party. In order to achieve that, a video was linked on her youtube-channel.

She appears to be very serious, calm and especially anxious to say the right words – I think, she learnt her speech by hard or read it from a paper while the video was being shooted. I don’t believe that this video actually motivates young people to go voting because she presents herself as a stiff and humorless person. I am not saying she has to smile all the time and pretend she is funny and up to date, but I would appreciate German politicians to be a little bit more loose and to present their political aims more enthusiastically. She just does not appeal to a lot of younger voters, I think.

On her own website, there is a column that is called “Angela Merkel privat”. She talks about her hobbies – to promenade, to cook and to do gardening. She likes classic music, likes to hike in the Alps and wants to drive from Moscow to Vladivostok with the trans-siberian railway. With these facts, she tries to open up to the voters who want to get to know her, but it still seems to be forced on her. The website of the government reveals more information about her – you can find out what name her husband has 😉

Her opponent Frank-Walter Steinmeier during elections 2009, goes a bit further. He talks about his wife, his daughter and how he watches movies with his daughter in the cinema.

On Angela Merkel’s website, interested users can fill in a form to get in contact with her, and on Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s website, it is even possible to email him.

Now, I am interested what Ina finds out about American politicians, especially Barack Obama!

Stay tuned to our blog 🙂


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