Charming dancers in America!

24 Jun

Nice to know that there are as many websites where Angela Merkel presents herself. Me too, I didn’t know that she is even running a profile in a social network. Well then, let’s see what we are going to find out about Barack Obama’s presence in the internet. Before I start, I am sure about one thing:  there will be much stuff to get through!

First of all, I found out that Barack Obama has written an autobiography which firstly was published in 1995, but was re-publicated in August 2004. It is called “Dreams from my father – A story of race and inheritance” and principally is about his intricate life without a father and relates different racial experiences he has made. Receptions say it is a very “intimate” and “evocative” book. Here you can read a nice summary and reception of it.

Of course, I was interested if Angela Merkel has also written an autobiography – she has not. There are some books about her, but all of them are written by different authors.

In a blog about Online Marketing I have read a very interesting article by Pablo Palatnik with the very appropriate title: “Obama Web 2.0 Strategy Brought Politics 2.0 to Life. An Online Marketing Presidential Strategy.” Palatnik says:

“Obama not only created a campaign online, what he created, essentially, was movement of the masses.

How true if we sight how many people are in contact with Obama on his accounts in MySpace, twitter, youtube and facebook.

On facebook, there are 9.079.346 persons that are linked to Barack Obamas account and the number grows from day to day. To compare, on Angela Mekel’s facebook account there are sparse 36.578 linked persons.

Another interesting aspect is, that even Michelle Obama exhibits a big presence in the internet. On her facebook account there are actually 1.312.198 persons who follow her website! Here you see a picture from may 2010 that Michelle Obama has in her Photo album on facebook. To my mind the Obama’s seem to be  very personal and touchable which is very impressive.

Maybe I should tell them about that and send a comment to the Obama’s by making use of  The White House blog. There it says that one can send

“questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff”. Very nice!

John McCain, Obamas opponent in the election of 2008 and the actual senator of Arizona, followed suit: he is also running the same profiles as Obama and  administrates an own blog. There you can read, of course among other things, his biography and watch his latest youtube vidoes. Most of them have a political content, but one video striked me – Jay Leno, a famous American stand-up comedian and television host, asked McCain ten funny questions. You can see it here. I have to confess that John McCain seems personable (even when his answers are not as spontaneous as he pretends) but nevertheless to my mind he is not comparable to Obama!

To end with a cherry on the cake – here I found a funny and charming video on youtube about Michelle and Barrack Obama!

So, to ask a bit ambiguous: what do YOU think who is ultimately the best performer?


One Response to “Charming dancers in America!”

  1. Luzie June 30, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    I love the video of the Obamas dancing! I could not imagine any other higher politician to do that. It’s not that just Angie would look pathetic, I think it would be any other that I have in my mind. I don’t think it’s an issue of age, neither. Just imagine Guido Westerwelle doing that. No wonder why so many people like the Obamas, they seem to be just cool and down to earth.

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