Success often leads to imitation

27 Jun

In this blog post, we want to summarize what we found out about Obama and Merkel and how they present themselves in the internet. In our next blog posts, we want to answer the question whether they really drop pants for popularity. Furthermore, we want to consider if Angela Merkel followed Barack Obama’s example and used the internet for her election campaign. So the question is: Did Angie learn from Obama?

We think that conservative parties in both countries reveal less inforamtion about their private lives, but focus on political issues. This can be asrcibed to the character of their parties which only focus on the topics and not on the presentation of their ideas – they are less interested in that kind of modern methods. Their ideas should persuade people without using these means.

Liberal parties are more open-minded and make use of the internet to spread their ideas and party programs. They keep in mind what the voters expect and reorient to the zeitgeist of the newest generation.

In general, it can be stated that American politicians sometimes act like celebrties and are treated like popstars.

Angela Merkel and John McCain seem to imitate Obama’s success in the internet, but they do not have the same charme and character as Obama has. After all, he seems to be the leading person in “merchandizing” his purposes and convincing people by using that strategy.


One Response to “Success often leads to imitation”

  1. Anna D. July 1, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    First of all, I like the picture :-).

    I think, even when you not search on the internt in what way Angela Merkel presents herself, you have an idea about it.
    Without researching or reading your blog entry, I would have said that she is less present in the internet than Obama is, too.
    It really seems like jumping on the bandwagon, but obviously with no succss.

    I suggest that has something to do with her character and the way she acts in the media. It simply does not fit to her to blog or to dance in a tv show.

    But I could imagine that this “popstar” image politicians often have in America, would work in Germany if it is established over a long time. Moreover it should be presented by someone who is authentic.

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