Congratulations (in front of the camera!)

3 Jul

Now, I am going to consider the election of Merkel and Obama in 2008 and 2009 from another perspective, namely how Merkel commented on Obama’s election victory and vice versa. I think for a comparison between Merkel and Obama and the question “if Angie learned from Obama” it is also important to know what the concerned politicians say about each other and also of course what they say to each other. But we have to keep in mind that what you say about a person does not always have to be what you think about him or her! Most notably not in public life!

Did you know that Obama have already known  during the campaign that Angela Merkel would win the election in 2009? At least he said so – to Angela Merkel in June 2009 when she has been on a visit in the USA.

“Ah, you’ve already won. I don’t know what you always worry about”

This short sentence has been recorded by ZDF accidentely when Obama and Merkel were passing by the camera. If you listen closely, you can hear it in this short youtube video.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Merkels opponent and his party, the SPD, have been very annoyed by this “prophetic” statement of Obama and Steinmeier even cancelled a planned trip to Washington after this incident.

A nice stroke of Obama towards Merkel, not that nice towards Steinmeier. But did that also mean that he really wanted her to win? I think that’s another question. And I am sure he would have never said it if he had known a camera had been recording them.

After all and needless to say, he congratulated Merkel officially for her election victory. To my mind in a very standard way how you can see here:

So now it is a bit surprising that Merkel had not shown similar reactions before Obama has won the America election in 2008. In an article I have read that  Merkel had shown obvious sympathy for Hillary Clinton ahead of the election campaigning. Furthermore, during the campaign, she did not allow Obama a campaign appereance in Germany in front of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. It is asserted that she said that it would be “overweening” to “run” the American election campaign in front of the symbol of the German division.

But of course Merkel also congratulated Obama, actually on the homepage of the Federal Government. On Obamas first visit in Germany in his term in office, the german BILD describes that Merkel and also Obama seem to make every effort to show that they are on good terms with each other. “Is Merkel now also a Obama-Fan?”, asks BILD.

Another article says that Merkel seems to be

” impressed, but not faszinated”.

Maybe this precisely describes  her attitude. We  already know that Obama is more the open and entertaining person while Merkel is the more serious and rigid person – liberal and conservative, which words could describe them better. But nevertheless, they seem to know how to arrange on their roles and their relationship, at least in public. To my mind this is the most important point. One can’t expect all politicians that have to work and decide together to be best friends, maybe this would even be less productive and successfull.


One Response to “Congratulations (in front of the camera!)”

  1. angievsobama July 5, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

    Hey fellow students,

    well, interesting theme! Especially the point that Obama seems to be sure that Angela Merkel will win the election in 2009. In my mind there’s hardly no distance between the politicians, Angela Merkel is very close to Barack Obama. The videos and pictures emphazise that once more.

    Thank you for your discussion with that really important theme.


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