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It’s all about finding a happy medium

5 Jul

They are two interesting and special personalities: The first Afro-American president and the first female chancellor. The most powerful man in the world and the most powerful woman in the world (at least recently).

The world is watching them, everything they do and say is high-profile. A pressure we cannot imagine lies on them. Every step has to be planned. They have to make decisions that concern a whole country.

How would you feel and present yourself if you were in this position?

Obama is the liberal, open-minded and entertaining president. Merkel is the conservative, stiff and inscrutable chancellor. Nevertheless, there is private information that is not spread all over the world. When you take a closer look, you can note that Obama was presenting himself very openly and charming during the elections 2008 to canvass voters. He could impress and convince the Americans by this special sort of election campaigning. We think that the American mentality is different from the German mentality. It is said that German voters prefer a serious election campaigning that is foucssing on the political issues. Obama was an example for Merkel because he showed her how to encourage the youth to vote. She learned from him how to present herself and tried to overcome the distance between her and the younger generation.

Of course, Obama and Merkel did not drop their pants. Obama revealed more information about his private life during the election in 2008. But when he became president he began to be more restrained. Merkel has been critized for being too distant and not really exposing which ideas she stands for. She also has been more present during the election campaigning, but all in all she doesn’t reveal a lot about herself.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that the media also plays an important role in characterizing the politicians. We are under the impression that the American press is more interested in the privacy of the politicians than the German press. It seems to us that the American population is more involved in the election campaigning and also more active, for example they donate money for their candidate. Therefore, the Americans might want to know a lot more about their candidates than the Germans.

We think that politicians should reveal some information about their private life because the voters can get to know them better. Moreover it is  an endeavor of the press to inform the population about important facts to which private issues sometimes belong, too. To sum up, the focus of the press and the candidates should nevertheless be on the political issues.


Success often leads to imitation

27 Jun

In this blog post, we want to summarize what we found out about Obama and Merkel and how they present themselves in the internet. In our next blog posts, we want to answer the question whether they really drop pants for popularity. Furthermore, we want to consider if Angela Merkel followed Barack Obama’s example and used the internet for her election campaign. So the question is: Did Angie learn from Obama?

We think that conservative parties in both countries reveal less inforamtion about their private lives, but focus on political issues. This can be asrcibed to the character of their parties which only focus on the topics and not on the presentation of their ideas – they are less interested in that kind of modern methods. Their ideas should persuade people without using these means.

Liberal parties are more open-minded and make use of the internet to spread their ideas and party programs. They keep in mind what the voters expect and reorient to the zeitgeist of the newest generation.

In general, it can be stated that American politicians sometimes act like celebrties and are treated like popstars.

Angela Merkel and John McCain seem to imitate Obama’s success in the internet, but they do not have the same charme and character as Obama has. After all, he seems to be the leading person in “merchandizing” his purposes and convincing people by using that strategy.

Hello blogosphere!

16 Jun

Welcome to our blog – the first project we develop together! This semester we attend a course called “Did Angie learn from Obama? Comparative Analysis of German and American Elections” which inspired us to create this blog.

We want to talk about German and American politicians in the media. In our blog posts, we are going to compare German and American politicians and  contrast how they present themselves and how they are presented by the media.

Our first impression of American media was that they tend to reveal private information about American politicians – which does not mean that they hide their private lifes. It seems that dropping pants – to open up to the public – guarentees popularity. This is why we called our blog “Drop pants for popularity?”.

So now it’s up to you: We want to test your knowledge about the American president and the German chancellor. A little hint, it’s a question about their private lifes.