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Miss Europe – please drop your pants!

1 Jul

I am going to follow Sandra’s lead – I will go through the blogosphere finding out what the bloggers say about Angela Merkel. On the one hand, it is of course the media, especially newspapers and TV, that gives us in a way a “prepackaged” image about the politicians. But on the other hand, we can read blogs where it is just the people who can state what they think and by that sometimes we are animated to see the things from different aspects. Why do Merkel’s adherents like her and what do their opponents dislike. Additionally, one can fnd out what people from foreign countries think, which is very interesting and might give new thinkings as well.

It was very interesting to see about how many different topics bloggers advice their opinions concerning Angela Merkel. I have found different articles about some mysterious things about her past, her actual way of shaping policy and the process of her “career” as chancellor.

In a blog from the Readers Edition there is an article that deals with one period of Merkels past. I states that Merkel once has been an official of the “Free German Youth” (in german: FDJ) concerning propanganda and agitation. The FDJ has been a socialistic youth organisation in the former German Democratic Republic. It is criticized that thereby she has supported a system that was braking with human rights. She didn’t breake with the rules of the GDR and stayed true to its principles. Not the best basis for being a chancellor and by that leader of a democratic state. The blogger named her a chameleon which adapts its environment.

In two other blogposts it is even stated that she has been a member of the state security service of the GDR, the Stasi and her code name has been IM Erika. It sounds like a complot, who knows if it’s true or not. I just know that I have never heard about that. And the blogger says:

“it won’t be a subject of discussion in Germany, when the citizens don’t approach it by themselves!”

Let’s stop with the mystery about Merkel. I will dwell on some blogs that deal with the actual problem of the financial crisis which is a vivid discussed topic in the blogosphere. “Merkel goes from Glorys to Disgrace” is an article that compares Merkel’s political manner after her election 2005 over her title of the most powerful woman of the recent years to her actual reputation: “disliked at home and increasingly isolated and even reviled abroad”. Very hard words. She is critized for “being too focused on German national interests”. So is she really disliked “at home”? In a german polticial blog, the Sprengsatz, the blogger talks in his article “The Greek in us” about the exaggerated boast of the Germans and describes the german politicains and parties as desolate. He doesn’t attack Angela Merkel but the whole political manner in Germany. In another german blog Merkel is called “Miss Europe”, a strong personality who is devoid of clarity and decision.

Again, Merkels “Pokerface” and “Pokermanner”is the focus of the peoples’ views. After her election she has made an impression on the world and she has been expected to keep it. But in hard times like now it’s also hard times for Angela Merkel. The people want her to do more: to state more openness and clarification. Angela Merkel doesn’t drop her pants at all – we have to pull them off!


Did Obama drop his pants?

30 Jun

What does the blogger community think of Obama? I am trying to find that out today. The blogger community has actually a bigger influence than we might think. They interact, communicate and link to each other. Via internet, there can be organized meetings, demonstrations or other actions. Maybe the bloggers mirror the real opinion of the whole country. Moreover, I will try to find a first answer to the question whether Obama’s private life is still important in the discussion about him.

Hope ...

or fail?!

We have already learned a lot about how the media presents Obama and how he presents himself. Now, I want to know what the people themselves think of him. Of course I cannot look through every blog out there in the internet, but I want to focus on a few.

On a more conservative blog, I found the opinion of someone wanting Obama to resign:

Should we start calling for President Obama to resign for the good of the county?

Obviously, there are American people who are not satisfied with what their president is doing. Probably, the conservatives weren’t very lucky about the elections anyway. But nevertheless, in my opinion, it is very striking, that people publish their opinion so openly.

Furthermore, I read a bit on a website that is called Redstate – Conservative News Source for Right of Center Activists. As the title already says, very conservative blogger meet here. Someone even labels Obama as a marxist. Moreover, he is called incompetent.

Liberal bloggers are of course more enthuisaistic about Obama being their president.

I stand with my President and have the faith that he has the people best interest

In general, it seems to me, that the liberal bloggers are not that rigorously and restricted in their view of politics. The conservative bloggers are bolder and tend to generalize.

To compare all these impressions of Obama – the way he presents himself, the way he is presented by the media and the blogger community: These different opinions put a new complexion on him. Of course, there are a lot of people who support him, but there are also voices that are more critical. I think the German media in particular presented Obama more positive during the elections.

Now, there is still the question whether his privat life is really relevant in the discussion about him. At this point, I would say that his willingness to reveal private information helped him to create a likeable and attracting image of him. But when it comes to his policy and the way he acts as a president, his private life does not help him anymore. I am convinced that only his political actions count when it comes to judge him as a president. Maybe he did not really drop his pants when it comes to revealing his private life – but nevertheless, he has to drop pants when it comes to his political responsibility and justification.